Nik Oliver (afrosamurai) wrote in cvcc_gaming,
Nik Oliver

Games Club meeting for 2/02

For anyone that missed or wants to look back, here's what we talked about at the last meeting.

We started off talking about whether or not people wanted to keep the club actively pursuing projects, as it appeared that nobody had any real interest in working towards achieving those projects. Those fears were somewhat sidestepped when more people showed up to the meeting.

Laura brought up the possiblity of attracting new members by hosting World of Warcraft LAN parties. The student center is basically equipped for it, seeing as how there is free wireless internet and that sort of thing. That kind of stuff is outside of my field of knowledge, but if she or someone else that knew more about it wanted to pursue it, I think it wouldn't be a bad idea.

Dr. Sparhawk had an idea for a current events game. The premise would basically be that it is hosted, say, every week, and then we create questions based on the events of that week. The players would raise a card with a letter on it, and everybody that has the right answer stays in the game. Those with the wrong letter would be out. He suggested maybe having a $1 buy-in, and the last man standing would wind up with half of the pot. He spoke to Linda Adams about it immediately following the meeting, and it does turn out that this kind of game is perfectly legal (state rules about that sort of thing are kind of weird sometimes).

There was also some talk of starting a roleplaying game. We wound up thinking that the best thing to do is have a simple session one day that is very uncomplicated and can pull people into roleplaying that have never done it before, and then from that point on, any players that want to continue with the game can take part in the further developing story.

Also, some discussion of miniatures took place. Dr. Sparhawk said that it wouldn't difficult to put one of his on one day in the future. Seth has a number of games that he would like to play, but resources are an issue.

Then we agreed that we needed to focus our initial energies in one direction, and then expand from there. Halo was generally agreed upon to be that direction. If we can't get that going again, which has been the most basic function that is generally associated with this club, then that does not bode well for anything else. I want to aim for the upcoming Friday (a week from this update) as our next time. Anybody that has an X-Box and Halo 2, bring it, along with a TV if possible. Thanks.
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