Saevus (saevus) wrote in cvcc_gaming,

SheVaCon Plans

It looks like those going to SheVaCon with us need to meet at the college and be ready to leave by 5:00pm. Nik, Matt(?) and Tyler will be driving. Nike or I will post any changes to this.
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Five sounds a bit pessimisstic though it might come to that 3-4 sounds better. I'll be meeting tyler at his house at 2:30 to come to lynchburg tommorow so we should be able to leave quite a bit earlier
Yeah, and we should also make it so that anybody that is riding contributes to gas expenses, because that shit ain't cheap. And I'm broke as hell.
As I would insist on the same i see no problem with that.
I hope they have free food at the con again....
They had free food??!!