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This is a community created for the CVCC Game Club. Here members can post entries dealing with different games, their gaming experiences, rule questions, times and dates for their games and dealings at CVCC. We're a club that's goal is mostly to provide an organized way to have fun with people of similar interests, and this community should reflect that. We don't promote being too serious here, but please try to stay some what on topic.

CVCC Game Club officers and sponsor-

Thomas Sparhawk (sponsoring professor)

The current state of the CVCC games club is unknown. I will find out what it is and update.

This community is open to any one, but it's mainly just for CVCC game club members and people involved with the club in some way. With that said it is encouraged that you join the club if you are interested and a student at CVCC. Rants, threats, insults or any other rude behavior is allowed, but only on your personal journals. None of that will be tolerated in this community.